Joseph W. Rimelspach

Joseph W. Rimelspach (Joe)
Joseph W. Rimelspach
Turfgrass Plant Pathologist/Program Specialist
Department of Plant Pathology/The Ohio State University 248B Kottman Hall 2021 Coffey Road Columbus, OH 43210 Cell: 614-778-9170
Office: 614-292-9283 Mobile: 614-778-9170

Major areas of work are turfgrass health management and turfgrass pathology. The postition is focused on outreach/extension, turfgrass problem diagnostics, teaching and applied research.
Education: B.S. Landscape Horticulture/Turfgrass Science - The Ohio State University
M.S. Plant Pathology  - The Ohio State University
Some areas of interest and study include:
- the impact of management practices on turfgrass health and disease development.
- evaluation of fungicides, new products and turf management procedures on turfgrass disease management.
- diagnostics of turf problems in the field and of samples submitted to the OSU Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.
- teaches the Turfgrass Diseases and Integrated Turf Health Management course at Ohio State. Also presents training to industry and extension audiences on various aspects of turfgrass diseases and turfgrass health management.