Turf Drought Stress Alert

July 7, 2015

Due to dry conditions going into this Memorial Day weekend and high temperatures predicted WATCH THE TURF YOU ARE MANAGEING VERY CAREFULLY! Often in these situations we get samples to check for diseases and the primary problem is drought damage. We have seen this repeatedly under weather conditions like this and especially over long holiday weekends. It is recommended that you take the time to carefully check turf conditions in the afternoon everyday through this period. Check the soil profile for moisture conditions, do not make assumptions. Keep the turf healthy!

Note: VERY dry sand root zone mix, wilt and damage can quickly develop. It may be difficult to move water throughout the entire depth of the root zone, check with a soil probe.
The brown grass on the left is from moisture stress and not a disease. Areas close to each other may have considerable different moisture conditions. Manage root zone soil moisture content carefully, LOOK at the soil profile, do not make assumptions.