Poa annua in Golf Greens, Winter Damage

April 11, 2014

There is great variability on the present condition of Poa annua on greens throughout much of the state. In many cases patches of poa are a tan or bronzes color. In these areas often there are some plants with new leaf growth but many plants have no green leaf tissue, white crown tissue and a very weak root system (maybe one or two small white roots). Will these plants recover? Or how many will recover? That is the $64 question.

Some patches of poa are a gray to whitish color and may appear slightly matted. Most of these areas have little new leaf growth and are in very poor condition.

Patches of Poa annua in a creeping bentgrass green showing the impact of winter injury.

A green with large areas of Poa annua showing severe winter injury.

Patches of Poa annua that are a tan or bronze color.

A patch of Poa annua with a gray to whitish color.