Introduction to Plant Disease Fact Sheet Series

April 7, 2010

The Department of Plant Pathology is pleased to announce the release of a new series of fact sheets designed to provide an overview of key concepts in plant pathology. Plant pathology is the study of plant disease including the reasons why plants get sick and how to control or manage healthy plants.

Introduction to Plant Disease Series

PP401.01: Plants Get Sick Too! An Introduction to Plant Diseases

PP401.02: Diagnosing Sick Plants

PP401.03: 20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis

PP401.04: Keeping Plants Healthy: An Overview of Integrated Plant Health Management

PP401.05: Viral Diseases of Plants

PP401.06: Bacterial Diseases of Plants

PP401.07: Fungal and Fungal-like Diseases of Plants

PP401.08: Nematode Diseases of Plants

PP401.09: Parasitic Higher Plants

PP401.10: Sanitation and Phytosanitation